Press Release on Kingdom Hall Development

Subject: In Opposition to the Jehovah Witnesses getting a Conditional Permit to build a Kingdom Hall in an RA Zoned Northridge Neighborhood

Why should the rights of this church trump the rights of the homeowners to maintain the essential character of our neighborhood and follow the General Plan?
Please tell our story about our fight to preserve our very unique Northridge neighborhood.

Jehovah Witness request for a Conditional Permit being decided by City Planners that would allow a Kingdom Hall to be built at 19519 Roscoe Blvd in a Northridge neighborhood that is 100% single family homes on acre & 1/2 acre properties zoned RA for residential & agriculture (can have horses). This is a very special “low density” community with no sidewalks, narrower streets, minimal street lights.

Negative Impact:  Severe decline in property values, increased noise pollution, sound pollution, light pollution, increased traffic, parking problems, safety. Jehovah Witnesses plan includes cutting down approx 14 mature Walnut trees (maybe protected) to build a Kingdom Hall & 49 space parking lot on this 1 Acre property plus many more problems I can detail later.

I have a petition with 86 property owner signatures in opposition to City granting a Conditional Permit. Our opposition would be the same if it were any church or commercial venture.

This is happening all over Los Angeles. I hope to hear from you very soon.
Realeased to News Media by Barbara Perle and Friends

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